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Morris & McDaniel provides a wide array of services to help organizations, both public and private, to structure their human resource component to most effectively advance toward organizational goals and objectives. 

Among the services we can provide are organizational studies and organizational design models, job analysis to help obtain maximum usefulness from present positions and to identify possible ways to restructure the workforce to improve efficiency, drafting of existing and proposed job descriptions to assist in selecting appropriate personnel for the position, development and implementation of effective training programs both at the technical and management level, and programs to identify leadership potential and extraordinary technical proficiencies among existing personnel so that these valuable employees can be directed along the most productive career resulting in greatly enhanced prospects for long-term organizational survival in a rapidly changing environment.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your human resources concerns and to consult on ways that we can help you define and implement a plan to rapidly bring dramatic improvement to your organizationís efforts while doing so at a surprisingly economical cost. Our programs have proven, time and again, the ability to bring a return on investment in terms of increased productivity, lowered turnover, and general employee satisfaction, that guarantees the program will pay for itself many times over.



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