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Morris & McDaniel has had many years of experience building tests. Our tests are legally sound and produce a minimal number of appeals, which save our clients’ organizations time and resources which are better applied elsewhere. We are aware that each organization is different, and we can develop job evaluation strategies that will specifically suit your needs.

Entry-Level Police Testing/ Entry-Level Fire Testing/ Entry-Level Detention Officer Testing:
Developed to assess the common knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform as a Police Officer, Firefighter, or Detention Officer (respectively). Some of the measures included in this test are reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, and mathematical computation.

MORMAC Management Assessment Exercise:
The MORMAC is a cost-effective alternative to an assessment center. This "In-Basket" exercise measures an individual’s ability in 6 vital management/ supervisory skills and abilities. The MORMAC is available for the Police ranks of Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant and the Fire ranks of Battalion Chief, Captain, and Lieutenant.

Assessment Centers:
An Assessment Center consists of a standardized evaluation of an individuals’ behavior based on multiple observations and multiple observers. Judgments about behavior are made, in part, from specially developed simulation exercises. These judgments are then pooled by assessors who are specifically trained to perform this duty.

Promotional Knowledge Tests:
Our knowledge tests come in two forms - customized and non-customized. Regardless of the version your company chooses, the knowledge tested will first be confirmed by your organization. The exact knowledge will be based on a job analysis. We will tailor the test to suit the exact needs of your organization.

Entry-Level Police Written Communication Test
Good communication skills play a major part in many fields, and police work is no exception. It is essential that a Police Officer be able to write clear and concise  reports and correspondence which are grammatically correct. This test can ensure that your organization’s work force will meet the standards required.

Psychological Evaluations for Police and Fire:
Assessing the suitability of candidates applying for entry-level police and fire positions can be quite advantageous. Morris & McDaniel incorporates a psychological history questionnaire, a nationally-validated personality test, and a structured interview preformed by a qualified, licensed psychologist.

Dispatcher Test:
This test will help you reduce the turnover rate on the job and the dropout rate in training by carefully assessing the abilities needed to be successful in these areas.

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