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Morris & McDaniel's  primary concern lies with developing a program that will work for each of our client’s individual companies. The purpose of Morris & McDaniel is to provide a service with integrity and professionalism that always serves the best interest of the client. We have worked for companies of all sizes and can design a program to meet every client’s needs.

Memory for Oral Instructions

 This test is excellent for positions that require the employee to retain a substantial amount of verbal information. We have incorporated this test into Healthcare and Transportation Industry testing batteries.

Mechanical Aptitude
 In certain industries, it is crucial that the employees have the ability to manipulate mechanical devices. This test can assess spatial ability and ability to work with and control machinery.
Candidate Self Report:
This test can be incorporated into any industry testing battery because it assesses the integrity, service orientation and work ethic levels of employees.  The Candidate Profile Summary has been validated to predict success of an employee,  and can be used as a valuable tool in the hiring process for all industries.

MORMAC Management Assessment Exercise:
The MORMAC is a cost-effective alternative to an assessment center. This "In-Basket" exercise measures an individual’s ability in 6 vital management/ supervisory skills and abilities.

Testing Batteries:
Developed to target a particular industry or job (KLLM Trucking, Hospitals, etc.)

Dispatcher Test:
This test will help you reduce the turnover rate on the job and the dropout rate in training by carefully assessing the abilities needed to be successful in these areas.

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