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DISPATCHER (Telecommunicator) TEST
Do you have a high turnover rate after you hire and train dispatchers and telecommunicators? Do you have a high dropout rate during the training process of dispatchers? Do you have trouble selecting the right people to hire for this important job?

Morris & McDaniel has the answer to your problems. We have developed a comprehensive test to help you select the best people for your agency. Developed for Florida protective service agencies, we are certain that this is the best test on the market today.

This test will help you reduce the turnover rate on the job and the dropout rate in training by carefully assessing the abilities needed to be successful in these areas.

The Job Analysis:
We developed this test by first performing a job analysis. The job analysis gave us a list of tasks performed by dispatchers on the job. Next, we determined the knowledges, skills and abilities needed by a successful dispatcher on the job.


The list of abilities determined by the job analysis and measured by the test are:
  • memorization
  • deductive reasoning 
  • inductive reasoning 
  • information ordering 
  • written comprehension 
  • written expression 
  • oral comprehension 
  • perceptual speed/accuracy 
  • time sharing
The Morris & McDaniel Dispatcher Test provides a precise measure of each of the above abilities.


The Test:
Our test has two basic components: an Audio component and a Written component. The Audio component contains the following four sections, each one designed to test a different ability in a different way:
  • Recalling Facts/Details
  • Call Taking 
  • Checking Coded Information 
  • Listening/Checking 
The candidate listens to an audio tape before being tested on each section.

The Written component contains the following six sections, each measuring a different ability in a different way.

  • Shift Bulletin 
  • Assigning Units 
  • Setting Priorities 
  • Evaluating Facts 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Clarity of Expression 
We developed and validated this test with the assistance of the Florida Chapter of APCO, the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials.
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