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 Morris & McDaniel, Inc. is pleased to offer the Entry-Level Police Exam, which has been certified by FDLE to be used as the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test for Law Enforcement, and the Entry-Level Correctional Officer Exam, which has been certified by FDLE to be used as the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test for Corrections.  We have three distinct, parallel versions of the CJBAT available for each discipline.  We also offer all versions of the CJBAT for Law Enforcement and Corrections in two formats:  paper/pencil and online/computer-based.

The Morris & McDaniel, Inc. CJBAT tests are easy to administer. The tests come with a detailed Test Administrator’s Manual, which provides complete information concerning important aspects of test administration.  It provides a script of all information that should to be given to the applicants.  The CJBAT is comprised of two parts.  During the first part of the test, applicants are given time to study information that is provided to them, and then the study materials are taken away.  The second part of the CJBAT is the actual multiple-choice exam, the first part of which tests the applicants’ memory of the study materials.  Each CJBAT test consists of one hundred (100) multiple-choice questions assessing nine (9) abilities that have been determined through job analysis to be important for success as a Police or Correctional Officer. The nine (9) abilities that are included in the Morris & McDaniel, Inc. CJBAT for Law Enforcement and Corrections are listed below:

1. Deductive Reasoning

2. Information Ordering

3. Inductive Reasoning

4. Memorization

5. Problem Sensitivity

6. Spatial Orientation

7. Written Comprehension

8. Written Expression

9. Flexibility of Closure

The Morris & McDaniel, Inc. CJBAT evidences both content and criterion validity. The linkage of the abilities assessed in the CJBAT to the job of Law Enforcement/Correctional Officer, and the linkage of the test items to the abilities provide evidence of the content validity of the test.


We have prices for single tests or for bulk orders. Please contact us for more details.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there more than one version of the CJBAT?

Yes. We have three (3) test forms for each discipline: The Entry-Level Police Exam (CJBAT for Law Enforcement) Versions 1, 2, and 3 and the Entry-Level Correctional Officer Exam (CJBAT for Corrections) Versions 1, 2, and 3.

 What is your re-test policy?

Any applicant who does not pass the CJBAT will have the option of retesting on an alternate version.  No applicant may test on the same version of the CJBAT within a six (6) month period, and no applicant may test more than three (3) times within a twelve (12) month period. 

 What is the passing score?

Based on an analysis of the distribution of scores, the psychometric properties of the test, natural breaks in the data, and the utility of the test, Morris & McDaniel, Inc., has established a cut-off score of 74%. With FDLE’s approval, in the future, this cut-off score may be re-evaluated as more data are collected.

 What is the time limit for the review of the pre-test study booklet and for the actual examination?

The applicants are allowed twenty-five (25) minutes to study the Pre-Test Study Booklet depending on test version. Then, the Pre-Test Study Booklets are collected, and the candidates are allowed two (2) hours to complete the test. 

What is the cost per administration of your CJBAT?

The CJBAT Examinations are $23.00 each. For bulk orders over two hundred (200), the cost is $18.40 each (a 20% discount). 

 Is your examination approved for the pre-academy testing in the State of Florida?

Yes. We have full FDLE approval for our Entry-Level Police Exam to be used as the CJBAT for Law Enforcement and for our Entry-Level Correctional Officer Exam to be used as the CJBAT for Corrections.

 Do you have study guides for your CJBAT?

Yes. We have study guides available for purchase for both the Entry-Level Police Exam and the Entry-Level Correctional Officer Exam. Details are available at Study Guides.


  Looking for more ways to Enhance your Department
Enhance your department
S.H.I.E.L.D.® was designed to help decision makers in the selection of entry-level police officers. Each component of this test battery assesses specific skills and abilities needed to be a successful police officer. The S.H.I.E.L.D.® test battery has been validated to predict the success of an entry-level police officer.

The S.H.I.E.L.D.® Test Battery is comprised of three (3) separate tests; each one designed to focus on the assessment of specific skills and abilities. Morris & McDaniel also offers a video based Structured Oral Presentation Exercise. This exercise assesses important dimensions for effective police work.

This comprehensive test battery is available in both a paper and pencil version and a computerized version. The paper and pencil version has administration manuals to walk the administrators through the process. The computerized version is provided to ease the burden of test administration. Test administration and management is uncomplicated and requires only basic computer skills such as facility with a computer mouse. The paper and pencil version is equally valid.


 Purpose Recommended Use 
To screen out all candidates who are not able to read at the level required for successful performance in the training process both in pre-job and on-the-job training.  A "must pass" for further consideration. 
 Purpose Recommended Use 
 To assess the integrity, work ethic, and service orientation of police officer candidates. As a method to fast-track highly desired candidates. 
 Purpose Recommended Use 
To identify those individuals who possess the abilities needed to be successful as a police officer. The abilities measured are spatial orientation, problem sensitivity, semantic ordering, flexibility of closure, verbal comprehension, visualization, memorization, and inductive reasoning.  As a hurdle to continue with the selection process or as a guide in determining the best candidates. 
 Purpose Recommended Use 
To measure performance dimensions important to effective police work, such as judgment, problem identification and analysis, oral communication, and service orientation.  Ranking candidates. 


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